The Woodland Trust is aware of a large pile of old waste which has been discarded irresponsibly at Heartwood Forest. This is located by Well Wood close to the public bridleway. We are taking steps to remove this unwanted waste for the benefit of all site users, visitors and wildlife.

During the week commencing 13th February 2017, licensed contractors will be on site to remove the waste. The work to remove the waste from the site should be completed within two days, but please take note that during the week 13th-17th February there will be machinery operating on site in this area. If you plan to use the public bridleway around the Well Wood area of Heartwood during these dates, please pay particular attention if your horse may be uneasy around machinery such as a mini digger or chainsaw.

Please accept our apologies for the potential disruption to your visit to Heartwood Forest around these dates.

Irresponsible abandoning of waste, or fly tipping, incurred the Woodland Trust a cost of over £350,000 to remove and manage in 2016 alone (across the UK). Fly tipping is an illegal activity, and if you see an incident that you would like to report please contact wops@woodlandtrust.org.uk or the police on 101 if you witness an incident in progress. We appreciate the ongoing support of those who visit Heartwood in reporting these issues as they arise and remaining vigilant to any suspicious activity.

Google Earth have updated their aerial photos of the area around Heartwood. The updated part cuts through the middle of Heartwood Forest – you can still see the car park in its first stage of construction on one side of the line when you zoom in.


The updated footage was taken in October 2016. You can see the arboretum very clearly!


Are you a dog owner or horse rider? These leaflets produced by the British Horse Society contain some really useful info for when we are out and about at Heartwood and in the surrounding countryside.



The car park may be temporarily closed, but work parties are going on as usual. If you would like to come along, please contact heartwood@woodlandtrust.org.uk in order to find out where to meet the group or for further details. We usually meet at 10am, but the meeting location varies according to where the work parties are based.

Work party dates for this season are:


Jan 12, 18, 24, 30


March 3, 9, 15, 21

The sessions finish around 3pm, but people come and go as they need to. Hot drinks are provided but if you are staying for the whole day, please bring your own lunch. Please also make sure that you are wearing suitable clothing and footwear.





This is just a reminder about the closure of the car park at Heartwood Forest, starting on Monday (9th Jan). The footpaths and bridleways will be open but there will be no access to the car park or entrance track as there will be heavy machinery in use on these throughout the closure period.


Please check back on this blog page for updates as to when the car park has reopened, and thank you for your patience in the meantime.


The main car park at Heartwood Forest will be closed from January 9th 2017 for approximately 6-8 weeks to allow for essential resurfacing work to take place. Lots of feedback has been received in recent months by Heartwood visitors who would like to see improvement works along the main car park track and on the surface of the car park itself. You may be aware that there are currently some potholed areas – these will be repaired as part of this work, as well as resurfacing the car park with tarmac. The parking bays themselves will be improved, and the passing areas along the car park track leading from the B651/Sandridge High Street will be repaired to provide better areas to let approaching cars pass. The work taking place should provide a more enjoyable welcome into Heartwood for all visitors who currently use the main car park, and the aim is to implement these changes efficiently to minimise the impact on visitors while the work is being completed. Unfortunately to allow for these improvements to take place, there is no alternative other than to close the car park temporarily.

During this time there will be no access to the main car park at all so to access Heartwood all visitors will need to park elsewhere. There are 12 different entrance points to Heartwood so there should be more than sufficient parking in the nearby areas to allow undisrupted access to the site, but please be considerate of the local community in Sandridge and surrounding areas when choosing where to park your car. Please check back on this blog page for updates as to when the car park has reopened, and thank you for your patience in the meantime.

A huge “Thank You” to all those who came to join in the community planting event at Heartwood Forest yesterday!


749 people came along – and managed to plant 6000 trees!



This brings the total number of trees planted at Heartwood so far this season to 23,500!

Well done – and thank you again – to everybody involved!