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Most visitors to Heartwood Forest are completely unaware that Heartwood Forest contains England’s newest and largest native arboretum. If you would like to find out more about this fantastic resource and the 60 species of native trees and shrubs that it contains, why not come along to the walk on Saturday (19th May)? The walk is running from 2-4pm.

Booking is essential, and can be done through the Woodland Trust website:


Select the Events link on the page and then choose the Guided Walks option.

The view below is from 2016 and shows you some of the layout of the arboretum.



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Are you interested in the landscape history of Heartwood Forest or would you like to find out more about the arboretum that has been planted at Heartwood? If so, why not join the guided walks taking place in September?

Arb and Arch walk Sept 2017

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Google Earth have updated their aerial photos of the area around Heartwood. The updated part cuts through the middle of Heartwood Forest – you can still see the car park in its first stage of construction on one side of the line when you zoom in.


The updated footage was taken in October 2016. You can see the arboretum very clearly!


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One of the Heartwood volunteers, Brian Legg, was delighted to be offered the opportunity to take some aerial photos of Heartwood Forest recently. These are the fantastic results of his trip:

Here you can see the entrance to Heartwood Forest, with the track leading to the car park. Langley Wood is on the left, with various planted areas around.


Langley Wood, showing the Festival Field to the side.


Another view of Langley Wood, looking towards Wheathampstead, with Sandridge to the right.


Pismire Spring, Well Wood and Pudlers Wood, with Round Wood in the distance.


View across the car park field, towards Wheathampstead.


The arboretum, at the end of the triangular field opposite the main entrance to Heartwood Forest. You can see it in the distance, on the right side of the photo above.


Some detail of the arboretum.


A completely different way to view Heartwood Forest!

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