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The Woodland Trust is aware of a large pile of old waste which has been discarded irresponsibly at Heartwood Forest. This is located by Well Wood close to the public bridleway. We are taking steps to remove this unwanted waste for the benefit of all site users, visitors and wildlife.

During the week commencing 13th February 2017, licensed contractors will be on site to remove the waste. The work to remove the waste from the site should be completed within two days, but please take note that during the week 13th-17th February there will be machinery operating on site in this area. If you plan to use the public bridleway around the Well Wood area of Heartwood during these dates, please pay particular attention if your horse may be uneasy around machinery such as a mini digger or chainsaw.

Please accept our apologies for the potential disruption to your visit to Heartwood Forest around these dates.

Irresponsible abandoning of waste, or fly tipping, incurred the Woodland Trust a cost of over £350,000 to remove and manage in 2016 alone (across the UK). Fly tipping is an illegal activity, and if you see an incident that you would like to report please contact wops@woodlandtrust.org.uk or the police on 101 if you witness an incident in progress. We appreciate the ongoing support of those who visit Heartwood in reporting these issues as they arise and remaining vigilant to any suspicious activity.


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On Wednesday afternoon at Heartwood Forest the permissive bridleway running alongside the B651 was officially opened.






This has enabled the Woodland Trust to open up a new section of permissive bridleway, starting at the horse hop next to the entrance to Heartwood.


It runs parallel to the car park track, with a hedge separating it from the cars on the track.



At the other end, riders turn left away from the car park and over another horse hop allowing access onto the main bridleway going from Pound Farm up past Langley Wood.



This means that anybody wishing to do a full circuit no longer has to ride down the main road through Sandridge and it should make it much safer – and pleasanter – for anybody who likes to ride or cycle that route.

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The long awaited horse and cycle access from Nomansland Common into Heartwood Forest is now open:


It can be accessed on the western side of the common. We are still working on the access to the east.

These and all other permissive bridleways at Heartwood are there for you to enjoy. Before you visit Heartwood ensure you know where you can and cannot go and encourage others to stick to these to safeguard your paths. If in doubt get in touch or check out our access map.


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